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🚦 ALERT: New Crash on Frant Road Feeder Street - Red Mini Totaled in Speeding Incident 🚦

Hi Friends, Neighbours and Supporters

First and foremost, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to each of you who has stood by our cause. Your unwavering support and generous contributions have been the backbone of our campaign. Thanks to your commitment, we are making strides toward a safer Frant Road for everyone.

However, our fight is far from over. Tragically, this Tuesday, our community witnessed another devastating incident at the intersection of Bayham Road and Forrest Roads—a critical juncture on the way to Frant Rd and a focal point of our campaign efforts. A red Mini was severely damaged, beyond repair, wrapped in police tape as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by speeding vehicles.

This car didn’t stand a chance; such extensive damage could only have resulted from a collision with a speeding vehicle. The scene left behind after the Mini was towed away overnight is a heart-wrenching testament to the urgent need for traffic calming measures.

This is not just about property damage; it's about lives at risk, about the harrowing stories of injuries, close calls, and the significant impact on the quality of life of our neighbors. These stories fuel our determination to ensure no more lives are put in jeopardy.

We Need Your Help More Than Ever

With 915 signatures, our petition is gaining momentum, but we need over 1,000 signatures to compel the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and KCC

to implement necessary traffic calming measures. Your voice is crucial.

  • Please sign the petition if you haven’t already

  • Share this message far and wide. Let’s make our collective voices heard

  • Consider contributing financially to our campaign if you can. Every little bit helps us get closer to our goal

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can save lives and restore the peace and safety of our streets. Thank you once again for your support and contributions. Let’s stand united for the safety of Frant Road.

With heartfelt thanks,

Emma and the Frant Road Safety Coalition Team

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