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Women talking to a friend looking worried and serious

"My children go to school at The Mead. We have no crossing help in the dark evening. The cars are so fast it is really unsafe."
​                               ˜RESIDENT

"I live in the area and I know how people drive like maniacs on the Frant Rd and adjacent ones"
​        ˜ RESIDENT

"This is a residential area and should be protected as such. Serious traffic calming measures - speed cameras alone are not sufficient - are needed from the town end of Frant Road (The Pantiles) right up to Forest Road and past the TW rugby club at which point the residential area stops. The traffic is so fast that my whole house shakes when lorries hurtle past. It is really dangerous for all those pedestrians walking up and down, for public transport users at bus stops or those making their way to TW station, for schoolchildren making their way to school, cyclists and those trying to get safely in and out of their driveways."
​                                ˜ RESIDENT

"We live near Clarendon way and pulling out of this road onto Frant road is extremely risky at peak commuting times due to parked cars blocking view of oncoming traffic and cars running on Frant road driving at fast speeds"
​                      ˜ RESIDENT

"My daughter walks home from school and needs to cross Frant Road. She uses the crossing but says often cars don’t stop despite it being a zebra crossing."
​                            ˜ Resident

"I am signing this petition because I have children who use the road regularly to catch a bus to school"
​                                     ˜RESIDENT

"I have seen accidents at the junction at Birling Road by the shop...some help is needed, especially with children standing nearby at the bus stop.
Let's keep the road safe"                           ˜RESIDENT

"I am signing this as our family live on Frant Road and we walk and drive on this road regularly. It’s a particularly dangerous road with drivers travelling too fast."
​        ˜ RESIDENT

"Frant Road is a busy residential street with one speed camera. Everyone knows where it is and once passed increase their speed. There is one zebra crossing near a school, which is very dangerous as drivers frequently fail to stop and a pelican crossing at the town end. Local children travel to secondary schools by bus and crossing the road has always been dangerous for them. Crossing the T-junction with Frant Road and Birling Road is extremely dangerous as cars are often speeding and fail to indicate their intention to turn. Something dramatic needs to change to keep pedestrians safe on this road!"
​                                     ˜ RESIDENT

"I live on Birling Road and it’s used as a terrifying high speed cut through! I would like speed bumps like Warwick park to slow people down. Turning out of Birling Road onto Bayhall is also taking your life in your hands! The way the cars park you can’t actually see the road!"
​                          ˜ RESIDENT


Engaging the Community:
Voices of Frant Road 

Behind the statistics and the campaigns are real stories from real people. This space is dedicated to the voices of Frant Road - a collection of personal experiences that reveal the true impact of traffic speeding and the negligence of the authorities to take action to stop this in our community. These narratives are not just tales; they are our lived realities, our calls to action, and our reasons for demanding change now.

Share your stories with us at

"I live off Birling Road and people have no regard for speed or the pedestrian crossing on Frant Road. It's an accident waiting to happen."

"Its a dangerous road and I dont want to see a death reported due to speeding, careless drivers"
​          ˜ RESIDENT

"These measures have been needed for over 30 years and there have been 2 past campaigns to my knowledge.
A crossing is greatly needed by The Mead School which in turn would help to slow the traffic."

"The junction by the Bull at Birling Road is dangerous"

"I do not want to witness a death on this road…. or indeed on any other road."
​             ˜ RESIDENT

"I wish for the safety of pedestrians and residents on this road to be prioritised."

"Stronger measures are desperately needed for the safety of the residents living on Bayham Road."
​                ˜ RESIDENT

"My daughter has to walk out of her way to cross the road at the zebra crossing as there is no crossing near the Bull. It’s a residential area that needs more crossings and/or traffic lights"
​                    ˜RESIDENT

"I live in lower Bayham Road and Something Must be done!!"

"I live on Birling Road and some drivers treat it like a race track. It is always better to put safety measures in place instead of waiting for an accident to happen and then reacting to it. Frant Road is also dangerous especially around the Mead and the pedestrian crossing is not visible enough to drivers"

"From memory a schoolgirl was hit on the pedestrian crossing there a couple of years ago and was hospitalised. Worth getting in touch with the ‘near misses register’"

"I live on Frant Road and I’m constantly worried about the risk of accidents, particularly when crossing Birling Road at the junction with Frant Road. Accidents are becoming frequent and it’s only a matter of time before a serious one happens."
​                      ˜ RESIDENT

"Excessive speed is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and destroys quality of life"

"I agree with the urgent need for traffic calming on Frant road"

"There is awful irresponsible driving everywhere now. Bayhall Road is a race track."
​        ˜ RESIDENT

"The zebra crossing is lethal, the number of times I have been physically walking on it and cars still don’t stop. It needs to be a pelican crossing"
​           ˜ RESIDENT

"I witnessed many accidents and near misses during my time as a resident, my husbands truck was crashed into by a driver speeding round the bend past the Bull. The fact I was told deaths have to happen before it’s gets taken seriously I’m not surprised nothings been done before."

"I live on Frant Rd and crossing Birling Rd near the Bull is treacherous as people come flying round the corner without indicating their intention to turn left! Speeding along Frant Rd is a real problem!"
​                   ˜ RESIDENT


UNTOLD STORIES: Concerns Ignored and Dismissed

"We lived on the corner of Frant Road/ Birling Road for nearly 10 years and I arranged a meeting with our local counsellor to discuss traffic calming, I was told it would not be possible as no deaths have taken place!! As a mum of 2 young boys it terrified me the speed some people fly off frant Road. They did suggest putting double yellow lines in but I can’t see how that would make any difference. Funnily enough I never hear back from our counsellor after our meeting!!"
​                              ˜ RESIDENT

Women looking at camera

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We Live Here.  It's Personal

It's been a problem for years

"For years this has been a problem. The children getting off the bus from Wadhurst especially. It was awful to watch.
No one was interested"

If you live here, you know

"Personal issues that we have experienced since moving to Birling Road 5 years ago.

- The junction at Birling/Frant is dangerous if turning right (going down Frant Road) as you can’t see the cars coming up the road due to the cars parked outside TN2. There was an accident a few weeks ago.

- The cars come swinging round the corner onto Birling Road from Frant Road far too fast. If you are trying to cross the road on foot it is dangerous due to their speed and as you can’t always see them coming round.

- The pavement is too narrow on the corner of Birling Road that goes onto Frant Road just before the Bull Pub. The house (1 Birling Road) on the corner also has deep hedges that come out onto the pavement which means there is even less space to walk. If you come across someone, normally someone has to walk onto the road which is a risk. The amount of times that cars/lorries’ wing mirrors are centimeters away from you on the pavement is scary.

- The speed that cars come down from Forest Road through Bayham Road into Birling Road is again too fast, there was a fatality a few years ago which comes up on the council’s road safety records.

- In terms of Frant Road, so many cars don’t stop at the pedestrian crossing near Broadwater Down -  you normally have to wait for 3/4 cars to go past until cars see you. Is there anything further we can do there? Actual traffic lights?

- The pavements (especially on the right hand side when going down Frant Road)  are not wide so if walking and a big lorry comes driving up, you again could be centimeters away. There is no room for error for these drivers.

- This brings up the amount of haulage lorries that use the Frant Road, I appreciate we can’t stop them using the road but it seems that more and more big lorries use the Frant Road and when walking down the pavements my children can literally put their hands out and they would be able to touch their tyres if the lorries were stationary.

- There are also parts of the pavement on the right hand side of Frant Road when going down that have no lip/curve so cars can easily drive onto the pavement as there is no height difference from the road. This often happens as the road is too narrow when there is a parked car and two cars passing each other. 

I hope the above is useful for ensuring the local council act quickly and implement more safety measures. 

I am afraid that it will be a matter of time before another accident occurs on these roads."

                                                                           ˜ RESIDENT

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