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The Urgent Call for Action on Frant Road

CRASH MAP DATA (2019 - 2022)

Highlighting the Urgency:

Crashmap Data Insights

An analysis of recent CrashMap data, which currently extends up to the year 2022, starkly highlights Frant Road as a significant hotspot for traffic collisions. This data, collected from official reports, reveals a troubling concentration of incidents along our street, underscoring the urgent need for intervention. Each dot on the map represents a moment where lives were put at risk, a family was affected, or a community member's day was turned upside down. These aren't just statistics; they're a call to action. The data unequivocally supports our community's plea for comprehensive traffic calming measures. It serves as a quantifiable testament to the risks that our residents face daily and bolsters our campaign's resolve to advocate for a safer Frant Road, emphasizing the critical necessity of updating and extending these safety measures beyond 2022 to protect our community effectively

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The Lethal Consequences of Speeding

Speeding is not just a violation of traffic laws; it's a deadly behavior that claims lives and shatters families. At higher speeds, the severity of accidents significantly increases, turning what could have been minor collisions into fatal tragedies. The physics is unforgiving; increased speed reduces the driver's reaction time and magnifies the impact of a crash, leading to more severe injuries or death. Every moment of speeding on our roads is a gamble with innocent lives at stake. It's a harsh reality that our community on Frant Road knows all too well. Speeding kills, and its consequences ripple through families and communities long after the crash scene has cleared. It's a stark reminder of the critical need for enforcing speed limits and implementing traffic calming measures to safeguard our loved ones and prevent future losses.


You can use this service to tell Tunbridge Wells Council about an incident where a collision has almost taken place on our roads involving vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, or horses.

This service is not for reporting speeding vehicles, other traffic offences, or incidents of aggressive driving or road rage. Incidents of this type should be reported to Kent Police.

If you wish to report a fault or problem on our roads, please use the Kent County Council reporting form.

A man with his head in his hands in despair sitting on the side of the road next to his wrecked car


An Ambulance with its emergency lights on racing along the road
A wrecked motorcycle lying on the side of the road

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